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Peeking into Tim Cohen’s inner soul can sometimes be a troubling experience. That flickering glow sometimes appears muted and sullen. Often, his solo work (outside of his band the Fresh and Onlys) is primal and tantalizingly personal, and nearly always off kilter. But something else is afoot. The lyrics in Ruler of the Night, his latest release as Magic Trick, are naked and bruised like a neglected piece of fruit. To me, Ruler of the Night holds some similarities in the way Elliott Smith use to sing his tortuous prose cloaked in breathtaking melodies. For instance, “Angel Dust” is stained with a bleak sense of purpose and unhappiness, but the fluttering chord changes and luscious back-up vocals from Alicia Vanden Heuvel (Aislers Set) is soothing. Life buries us all, relationships sour inexplicably, but how many of us are truly able to express displeasure and insecurity with such rugged allure?

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