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With the release of Family Perfume Volume 2 last Tuesday and Volume 1 a few weeks prior, White Fence has put forth one of the most epic acid garage rock showcases since Easter Everywhere way back in 1967. Taken as a whole, 29 songs of burnt haze, inverted guitar jams, and vocals sounding as if they’re being transmitted from the depths of outer space. Surprisingly, the album is incredibly diverse and rich with plaintive folk flower blossoms (“Stomach Sexes”), meandering Sgt. Peppers-inspired distortion feasts (“It Will Never Be”), and of course blistering psychedelic romps (“She Relief”).

The Family Perfume volume is designed to stimulate, to thread a sense of awe and desire. Timothy Presley, the driving force behind White Fence, basically caught fire, found a window into his tortured, explosive retro soul and bared it all. 

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